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  • Welcome from Brett Frazier!!

    A welcome from new Executive Director Brett Frazier

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    Memorial and Honorarium Giving

    Click here to visit our Memorial and Honorarium giving page for recognition of those who have donated on behalf of the special people, pets, or occasions in their life.

    Help Me, Heal Me Fund

    Your contributions to our special medical fund, "Help Me, Heal Me," enables us to help those animals most at risk and in need.  Help us to help them!

    Pet of the Week!

    105.9 The Hog: Listen every Monday as The Hog announces a new adoptable pet of the week! You can also see them all week long at The Hog's web site!

    99.9 WJVL Pam Garland-Gjestson speaks with Mike Austin every Monday morning! Listen between 7:30-7:35 am to hear all about this week's pet of the week. You can also see a video at WJVL.com.

    Businesses That Support Us

    Learn more about businesses that support RCHS.

    Mikey's Dog Town was started by the pet guardians of an RCHS alumnus, Orville/Henry!  It includes an Orphanage (all-breed rescue information) and a Pitty Page (Pit Bull awareness).

    Who's Helping Animals

    Gabriella Goins

    Area Breed Rescue Groups

    Every animal shelter hopes that you will come to them to adopt your new best friend and save a life.  If you're looking for a specific breed, you may be surprised to learn that Rock County Humane Society adopts out many wonderful purebred dogs and cats in addition to our great selection of mixed breeds.  If you've given us a try and haven't found that perfect match yet, breed rescue organizations are a great alternative!

    Breed rescues are independent groups that typically take in animals of one particular species and/or breed.  By specializing in only one species or breed, they are often able to provide adopters with medical and behavioral information specific to that type of animal.  Additionally, most breed rescues house animals in foster homes until they are adopted.  The foster family will be able to provide you with even more information about the individual animal and how it does in a home setting.

    When contacting a rescue group, please remember that they are often a small group of individuals that are volunteering their own time to help these animals.  Be patient!  They will do their best to find the right match for your home but finding that perfect new family member can take time.

    This list is offered as a courtesy to our community.  Rock County Humane Society does not specifically endorse any of the rescues listed below.  We encourage you to ask questions and seek references to ensure you are dealing with a reputable rescue group.

    For additional contacts beyond the ones listed below, try the websites www.petango.com or  www.petfinder.comIf you are a breed rescue that would like to add or update a listing, please contact our Volunteer, Adoption, and Development Supervisor at volunteers@rockcountyhumanesociety.com.

    Dogs | Cats | Other



    • ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption) - Shawano, WI
      Paula Lackner - (715) 526-5961
    • WI Airedale Terrier Club - Whitewater, WI
      Lisa - (262) 473-4949


    Alaska Malamute

    All Breeds

    American Eskimo

    American Water Spaniel

    Australian Shepherd


    Basset Hound


    Bearded Collie

    • Bearded Collie Club of American and Bone
      Shaggy Cyndie - (920) 488-2240 or wyndmist@aol.com

    Belgian Sheepdog

    Bichon Frise


    Border Collie

    Boston Terrier

    • Greater Milwaukee Boston Terrier Club - Madison, WI
      Jean - (608) 827-5962


    Brittany Spaniel

    Cairn Terrier

    • Cairn Terrier Rescue - Madison, WI
      Diane - (608) 271-0909 or hhcairns@aol.com

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Chesapeake Bay Retriever


    Chinese Crested

    Cocker Spaniel





    • Shadow's Dobe Rescue Debbie - Mukwanago, WI
      Debbie - (414) 965-3115 or (262) 662-4838

    English Bulldog

    English Springer

    German Shepherd

    German Shorthaired Pointer

    Golden Retriever

    Great Dane

    Great Pyrenees

    • Great Pyrenees Club of Metropolitan Milwaukee - Franklin, WI
      Erina - (414) 425-8458 or fax (414) 427-9814 or fitzerin@wi.rr.com


    Irish Setter

    Italian Greyhound


    • Keeshond Rescue of the Central States - Madison, WI
      Dawn - H (608) 240-0927 or C (608) 843-3119 or sunrise_dj@hotmail.com
    • Keeshond Rescue of the Central States - Urbana, IL
      Dina - (217) 278-7245 or d-zinnes@uiuc.edu

    Labrador Retriever

    Lhasa Apso


    Mastiff (English)

    Miniature Pinscher


    • North Central Newfoundland Club Rescue - Mt. Horeb, WI
      Mary - (608) 437-4553 or mlprice@mhtc.net


    Pit Bull Terrier

    Rat Terrier

    Rhodesian Ridgeback


    Saint Bernard


    Scottish Terrier

    Shar Pei

    Shetland Sheepdog

    Shiba Inu

    Shih Tzu

    Siberian Husky


    • Central WI Vizsla Club - Dodgeville, WI
      Sharon - (608) 935-7573 or 608-623-2388



    Yorkshire Terrier


    All Breeds

    Purebred Cats

    Other Animals





    Miniature Horse


    • House Rabbit Society - Madison, WI
      George and Sue - (608) 232-7044 (HRS hotline)